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The Slay-108'er


Image of The Slay-108'er
  • Image of The Slay-108'er

From the depths of right field, we bring you this soft-as-fuck black t-shirt that is as slimming as it is awesome. The Slay-108'er was conceived after many Baderbrau's and pays homage to one of the greatest bands ever.

The shirt is a true fit and is slightly tailored to give you an athletic look. No shit, even MSS looks slimmer in this shirt. Sure to be a hit at the ballpark this summer, pick one up before they are all gone!

A limited number of 40 shirts were produced. 4XL (1) and 3XL (2) available. Created with a process called discharge ink which leaves a very soft print and dyes the fabric so it doesn't fade. #fancy